Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preview of The Southern Slow Cooker Cookbook

I'm very excited to announce that as of yesterday, "The Southern Slow Cooker" has officially gone to print! It's been one heck of a whirlwind ride this past year, and pretty amazing to think that it was right around this time last year that I was feverishly penning a book proposal for Ten Speed Press with the hopes that it would be me they wanted to write this book. Then it was contracts, negotiations, recipe development, writing, research, recipe testing, testing and more testing, no sleep, and a whole lot of leftover food to contend with along with a couple of extra pounds free of charge for the whole family. And here we are...all finished. Holy time warp. From here on, it's all anticipation until that August release date!

I'm so pleased with how everything turned out. Photographer Erin Kunkel took some lovely photos, and as you can see from the little preview of the full front and back cover, Ten Speed Press has one stellar design and editing team. I'd also like to give a special thanks to two amazing ladies who were kind of enough to pen a few glowing words after taking the time to read through the galley copies; Southern cookbook authors, food experts, and all around cool ladies Virginia Willis and Martha Foose. Thank you both so very much.

So, here it is. If you're a slow cooker/crockpot cooking lover already, I hope you'll pre-order a copy. If you're not yet a fan of slow cooker cooking, I hope this book might just change your mind :)

My best to everyone, and sorry for the tiny print!


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  1. This is wonderful! Congratulations. I can't wait to get my hands on this Southern beauty.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Donya!

  2. Congrats!!! This is awesome. It will definitely be added to my bookshelf of cookbooks

  3. Thank you so much! I really hope you will enjoy it :)


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