Friday, June 22, 2012

Crabcakes, Grilled Pizza, Tacos and Rick Bayless

So once again, I'm the jerk-off for neglecting my blog, and there is a legitimate reason beyond laziness (which is the usual culprit) that I shall disclose soon, but in the meantime let me openly apologize to all five of you that read my blog for such an undue absence. In addition to a rather large (and exciting) project I am working on, I have also developed quite the addiction to Instagram (find me under Kendra Bailey Morris) a.k.a. the app that makes even crappy photogs like me look like we know what the hell we're doing, so I thought I'd take a moment to share some tasty highlights from this month's cooking extravaganza. Blogger Disclaimer: recipes shall follow, yet I recommend holding your horses because it won't be anytime soon.

Let's begin with the above image: pan-fried crab cakes over sweet corn relish and fresh arugula topped with Crab Louis sauce (basically a combo of mayo, chili sauce, horseradish etc...etc....) For the record it was quite good, so good in fact that I demolished the whole plate in roughly three bites = off-the-cuff cooking =  success. Happy.
More salad jank because it's too dang hot to cook. This time, mixed arugula and fresh kale (I love, love raw kale), topped with roasted beets (I love, love roasted beets), toasted walnuts and goat cheese (I lov...ok, who doesn't love goat frickin' cheese).
Warning: annoyingly cute dog photo above. Did I mention it's awfully hot here in Virginia? Our poor hyper-haired Aussie dog can't find a cool spot anywhere anymore, but he did discover the ceramic floor behind the cold, ceramic toilet. Reminds me of the time I tried Goldschlager for the first time in college. For the record, the gold in the bottle looks exactly the same after you barf it back up.
Had the family here for a week, and one evening it was grilled pizzas. My dear husband is the master of dough on the grill, so we got ourselves a mini vat of Pizza Tonight marinara, which I totally adore (both the sauce and the cool chicks who run this local RVA business), some fresh mozzarella and Parmesan, along with a few plucked basil leaves from the garden and we had ourselves a full-on pizza party. Note to all you newlyweds: it's these kinds of communal food gatherings that will garner you mega extended fam points, so I recommend hosting them often and with abandon.
We do taco night at least once a week. Over the years, I've developed some sort of pathological addiction to tacos. Some days I can't stop thinking about them. Corn tortillas have become my other man, my dirty Mexican secret, and when they're filled with grilled carne asada, sliced avocado, pico de gallo and queso fresco, I actually have fantasies involving me, Rick Bayless and a molcajete. Don't even get me started on the accompanying tostones (twice fried plantains) dipped in guacamole. It's totally Fifty Shades of Grey but with sea salt and lime.
Ok, so I totally did not make this, but Tim Bereika from Secco Wine Bar did, and it is to die for. I've boasted before how I think Chef Bereika is one of the best in Richmond, and in addition to a whole host of other amazing goodies he whips up in Secco's cozy kitchen like "Fiddlehead Ferns, Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Soft Egg, Watercress, Saba Emulsion, Fennel Pollen", he also created this creamy, tangy explosion consisting of fresh Burrata cheese with Sun Gold tomatoes and fresh herbs. Simple. Elegant. Understated. Perfection.
Been playing around with my crock pot lately and recently tried my hand at creating a Virginia blue crab and summer corn chowder topped with the same corn relish I used with the crab cakes (waste not want not). Not only is this dish lovely to look at (thank you, Instagram...mwah!) but it's delicately flavored and perfect for an evening on the patio, crock pot or not. Keep an eye out for the recipe, FYI. Coming soon.
Let me close this little food foray with a chili dog. Why? Because I love chili dogs, almost as much as I love the idea of getting hammered on Corazon de Agave Tequila Anejo with Rick Bayless. There's something so satisfying when you feel the snap of biting into a perfectly cooked hotdog. It's a pressed meat kinda thing, and I totally dig it, especially when the dog is topped with even more meat, in this case, chili sauce made without beans (yuck) or any tomato product whatsoever (different). Just the beef, ma'am. Oh, and some minced onions and chartreuse-colored mustard.

So, thanks for stopping by. I promise to do my best not to disappear entirely this summer as I imbed myself into this project, and yes, for now, the first rule of Fight Club will have to apply as to what the heck I'm doing.

Happy cooking and stay cool.


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