Monday, September 20, 2010


Photo Tim Morris
...because for some sick twisted reason, I am obsessed with products like this. Perhaps it's the fact that, not only does this diminutive plastic package contain bits and pieces of deep-fried fatback, but it boasts the coup de grace of convenience store munchies, "with skin attached", as if plain, fried fat just isn't enough.

Roadside pit stops get even better when one can dive into this bag of coronary heart disease for only .99 cents. So, if you ever find yourself high-tailing it up Interstate 95 through the Roanoke Rapids area of North Carolina (where this fine photo was snapped by my dear husband) be sure to stop in the local BP station and grab a bag of Carolina Country Snacks, whose tagline proudly reads, "Old Time Fatback, like Mama used to pan fry!" and get cracklin'.

Oh yeah, don't forget to wash down your rinds with an icy bottle of Cheerwine, which in IMHO, is the single best sugar-laden soda South of the Mason-Dixon line. For those of you who have yet to try this Carolina staple, the best way to describe it is as the bastard love child that resulted from a drunken one-nighter between a can of Cherry Coke and a Dr. Pepper.

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  1. Have you tried the pork rinds from the Philippines? They have them at TAN A. The good ones have some meat attached to them. I love them soaked in vinegar and garlic and washing them down with a bottle of coke...but I hear beer is better. ;)

  2. I prefer my fat back without the skin. I'm trying to cut back on calories. :-)

  3. Veron, I've never tried those, but they sound yummy. Sadly, I really do like pork rinds, but like Kim said, trying to cut back on the calories. ha

  4. I used to render my own lard, simmering for hours on the woodstove -- and would do it again, if only for the fresh cracklins.

    Cheerwine sounds intriguing (I've been a Dr Pepper fan since I was a little kid -- so long ago that I could only get it when we drove from NY to TX). I've read that Americans consume 600 cans of soda a year, per capita, and since I only have about 3 per year (everyone of them Dr Pepper), someone out there is drinking a helluva lot to make up for my meager consumption.


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