Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tomato Soup and Ritz Crackers

Some days are meant for the simple stuff. No obscure rare ingredients, no 14 step recipes, no foreign spices with names you can't pronounce and rest of the world could never begin to find. Some days are meant for the foods that remind you of an easier time, perhaps a time when your mom, grandma, dad or grandpa made you sit at the table and eat your entire lunch before you were allowed to hop back on your bike or go outside and roll around in a big pile of leaves.

As soon as there's a nip of chill in the air, it's soup time in my book, and when I was little, my mom used to make the best tasting tomato soup. I'm not talking homemade tomato soup from freshly picked summer tomatoes, but rather the real dirty kidlet stuff, as in a can of Campbell's condensed tomato soup cooked on the stovetop with another can milk added to make it nice and creamy. Yeah, it's full of sugar and sodium, but holy heck, it sure tastes good, especially with salty, crunchy Ritz crackers crumbled on top for texture.

Canned tomato soup and Ritz crackers. This is still my go-to meal even though I'm now all growns up. In fact, I am eating a big bowl as I write this post. What's your go-to kiddie meal? Better yet, how do you like to eat your tomato soup? Crackers, grilled cheese or Goldfish?

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  1. Your post made me smile. As much as my mom cooked growing up, when we were sick, it was a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle soup and a buttery grilled cheese with Velveeta! Whenever I'm sick, I definitely crave that.

  2. Grilled cheese with a slice of tomato! Until very recently, I was not above using Kraft singles, but I've graduated to Horizon singles because they just taste better. I guess I really AM a grown up!

  3. The grilled cheese is definitely a must, I see!

  4. I usually smush up about 20 Late July Classic Saltines into Pacific Organic Creamy Tomato soup, it kills hunger better than almost anything! It's my comfort food of choice :)


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