Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gone Fishing

So, I'm off to do a little of this down in Hatteras, NC. We try to get down there every year if possible, even when there's a nasty hurricane blowing the inlets open. Hatteras Island is truly a special place with beaches that are virtually untouched sans the spare fishing truck or two parked along the shoreline. Spring and/or fall are the times to go. If you head to the island during peak summer months, be prepared. The traffic sucks, the place is loaded with tourists, and home rentals are at their highest, but head down in the off or mid-season and this place is pure heaven consisting mainly of fishing junkies like us, locals, and kite boarders, many of whom drive all the way from Canada to surf here (which is a mind blowing distance by car).
Of course, a huge draw for us is the food. Fried, grilled and raw fish of every shape and size can be caught and/or purchased when the fishing's not so good. Flounder, triggerfish, mullets, pompano's, drum's, wahoo's and fresh tuna are usually in season right now as are soft shells and Carolina shrimp.
Carolina-style peel and eat shrimp is a special treat and they're literally found on every menu. There's nothing like 'em.
Put away any images of those huge, often-flavorless shrimp that grace the rims of martini glasses. Carolina scrimp are nothing like this. Instead, they are smaller, sweeter and absolutely heavenly when they're tossed in Old Bay and dipped in clarified butter. They taste even better when they're 15 cents at happy hour :)
No visit to Hatteras is complete without stopping in for a beer at Pop's Raw Bar, an honest-to-goodness hole-in-the-wall where locals, fisherman and bikers often come in for good conversation and to share their latest tall fish tales.
So, I'll be seeing you guys on the flip side, and when I return, I hope to be fully rested, fat and happy.

Bon voyage!
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