Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Little Preview of Selba Richmond

So, I'm kinda digging Richmond's latest dining addition Selba housed in the old Cliff's Honda space on West Cary. Owner Todd Boyd, a dear friend of mine from back in my Cafines days, invited me and Tim to a little shindig last night to show off his latest pride and joy, and who are we to pass up a perfectly decent party on earthquake day?
After a glass of Champagne, we decided to check out the new digs, which include several separate dining areas (this place is big), a bar, and this super cool atrium-type spot with hanging Tiffany lamps and a lush indoor garden.
This room is simply made for brunch, and according to Selba's menu that's exactly what's on tap complete with live piano music and a Bloody Mary menu. Omelets with Sausage Craft Chorizo, lemon ricotta honey pancakes with local honey, house smoked bacon and homemade granola are some of goods that will be offered.

Looks like dinner will consist of an array of small plates as well as full entrees and definitely reflect the fresh/local approach-- summer corn soup with VA lump crab, Buffalo Creek beef brisket with tamarind glaze, "Airline" [sic] chicken breast with roasted apples, squash casserole with local get the idea. The wine list is definitely well-thought out and the elongated bar will prove to be a fun spot late night.
The party itself was a good time, and steamship round was particularly tasty and meaty as were the housemade crackers.
All in all, the addition of Selba to the revitalization of this section of Cary Street is nothing but a positive for Richmond. Hopefully, future restauranteurs will follow suit to help get this area up and running.  Pin It Now!

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  1. Great news- I didn't know this place was open yet!



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